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"Enjoying my RELX by @relxtech so much! Their Mango pods are so addicting and flavorful. It’s been a while since I’ve vaped a device with prefilled pods aside from the juul so this is a nice change. I stopped vaping ecig devices because I couldn’t find one where the replacement pods didn’t leak but since I’ve had the RELX I haven't had any problems with the pods I’m also really impressed with the quality and durability of this vape and really happy with the battery that lasts a good while throughout the day! I highly recommend this to anyone who uses ecigs, the flavors and nic delivery is great, you’ll really love the RELX."

"Thanks for this incredible pod. Simple to use, light and very elegant. The best podmod I have ever try! Salt nicotine, very good airflow."


2 NOV 2018

"This sleek pod system is perfect for on the go! And the prefilled pods are incredible! It has a tight but powerful draw, that’s really what I look for in a daily pod."


21 OCT 2018

"Awesome device and the packaging that comes with. Excellent little starter kit ! Also big pro on Tabacco flavours and fruity Dive in Vietnam!"


30 OCT 2018


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